Glass block interior window

Due to limited lighting in the bathroom, it made sense to install a glass block window to bring in more natural light from the great room on the other side.

Twenty glass blocks were purchased, along with installation track, and assembled to the finished size of the opening. A plastic casing was used to hold the glass block window together prior to installation.

Openings were cut on both sides of the bathroom and kitchen walls and reinforced to provide the needed strength for the weight of the window.

The casing was installed, primed and painted prior to the glass block window being installed. The glass blocks were then caulked to secure and seal each block.

Quarter trim was installed on both sides of the window to secure the window into place and trim was then added around casing and painted.


When I decided that I needed more natural light in my ensuite bathroom, a friend recommended Done Right Handyman Services. The owner, Wally, came up with the idea of installing a glass block window to let light in from the great room on the other side of the wall. I was pleasantly surprised by what a difference it made and it looks fabulous from both sides. Wally prides himself on his attention to detail and craftsmanship, and actually made the glass block window himself in accommodate the size of window required. Since then, I've had him handle a few other household projects and have recommended his services to friends and family.

J. Weaver Ottawa South


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