Our fireplace had a dated brass look, so all brass areas are painted with high temp black paint to make it more contemporary.

The tile in front of fireplace on the floor and around fireplace was removed and the surrounding baseboard was cut to desired opening size for new stone work.

The floor and wall were prepared for new stone tile which involved repairing the drywall and applied 1/4" plywood to the wall.

A new, single piece of granite was used in place of the previous 12" x 12" tiles on the floor area in front. The stone work was cut and secured with cement, and cement was used to fill around sides and top to finish it off.


Since moving into my townhouse in 2010, the outdated gas fireplace was a real eyesore. Wally McMillan of Done Right Handyman Services, showed me photos of how he had updated another gas fireplaces with new tile. I got to chose the style of brick, and he removed the old tiles and installed the new, including using once piece of complimentary granite instead of several tiles across the front on the hearth, which I really like. Now the fireplace is the focal point of the living room and the upgrade has added to the overall value and appeal of my home.

J. Weaver Ottawa South


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